News & Updates from the Campaign Trail


News & Updates from the Campaign Trail

Tim Hart Act

Courtney Geels Forestry Act

October 18 2022

Congressional Candidate Courtney Geels Announces Support for Tim Hart Act. This Proposed law would give needed support to ...
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School Choice

Courtney Geels is for School Choice.

October 10 2022

Did you know that legislative support for school choice is much less bipartisan—even though it’s more popular among ...
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Our Nation Needs Healing

Send A Nurse Image of Courtney Geels.

September 25 2022

Why send a nurse to Washington? My name is Courtney Geels, and I am a nurse running for ...
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Government Overreach

Courtney Geels Talks about Government Overreach.

September 19 2022

I’m Courtney Geels, candidate for Congress in your District, NC 4, and here’s what I know. Once upon ...
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Gas Grocery Hurts

Courtney Geels - gas and grocery prices.

September 12 2022

The politicians who control Congress sure don't care. They just keep throwing another $700 Billion on the fire...making ...
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Reforming Healthcare

Courtney Geels is a Nurse Running For Congress.

September 6 2022

Take A Moment to Listen to my message about Fixing Our Healthcare System. I am fighting for a ...
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Meet My Opponent

Courtney Geels still shot on Video.

August 15 2022

Courtney Geels For Truth My name is Courtney Geels, and I am running for congress because our nation ...
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Response to Gun Violence

US Capitol Building.

June 8 2022

From the desk of Courtney Geels   Can we legislate gun violence away? As the Republican Party candidate ...
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Courtney Geels Watch Party

Courtney Geels Watch Party graphic for News.

April 29 2022

Come join Courtney Geels on Tuesday, May 17 for the Primary Election Watch Party! After you vote and ...
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Courtney Geels Receives Endorsement

NCVC endorsement of Courtney Geels Graphic.

April 25 2022

NC VALUES COALITION ENDORSEMENT: COURTNEY GEELS The North Carolina Values Coalition, announced that they endorse Courtney Geels. Courtney ...
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