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Secure borders and Cities

From the U.S. borders to North Carolina’s streets, we must ensure that our families and communities are safe.

I will support laws that keep violent and dangerous criminals off of the streets. I know that law-abiding citizens should be America’s priority.

We must provide the support and resources for law enforcement and oppose any efforts to defund the police. Police officers should be able to enforce the law without concern of their job status. I will support updated training methods in support of local law enforcement needs.


It is unjust to have an open border where hundreds of thousands of undocumented illegal immigrants can enter the US with no way of controlling lawlessness, drugs, and human trafficking.

America was built by immigrants, and they should be welcomed by following legal procedures to be sure to not overwhelm the healthcare and education system, and to preserve law and order.


As our declaration of independence declares, I support improving pathways to citizenship for foreign immigrants, while I believe it is absolutely necessary for the safety of our country to secure our borders and prevent illegal immigration. We cannot tolerate drug and human trafficking of any kind.

We must secure the border. There are two topics involved with immigration. One topic is border control, and the other is legal immigration policy and what to do with immigrants who are undocumented within our borders. 

If I am elected, I would push for assessment of current population in US who are undocumented, and pushing for sponsorships of employers to help to legalize those illegal immigrants who pose no threat to society. I believe the majority of immigrants want to work and live in a free society. Our country was built on immigration. Most Americans come from immigrants from other countries. It is also economical to legalize and tax those immigrants as they become part of American society, infrastructure, economy, education, and healthcare.

Any undocumented immigrant who is found breaking the law must be detained and sent back to their home country. We cannot tolerate lawlessness, and that is the largest concern, apart from trafficking at the border, that we have at this time.

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