I believe we must protect Parents Rights. Parents should have the right to choose a better school for their children. I support a statewide voucher system, where parents receive the education amount designated per child directly as a voucher.

All federal money going to education should come in the form of a voucher that goes directly to the parent to take to any education facility of their choice: Public school, Private school, Charter school, or Homeschool.

In addition, when I am elected, I will fight for a bill to state that the federal government would give NO money to states that do not agree to a state-wide education voucher system.

I also support a voucher system to be distributed for 2 years of community college tuition.


Every Child has the right to a quality education, free from political ideology. Parents have a right to know what is being taught at their children’s school, therefore we need transparency. I stand against the teaching of CRT and Queer/Gender Theory in our schools.

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