Government Overreach

I’m Courtney Geels, candidate for Congress in your District, NC 4, and here’s what I know.

Once upon a time, Kings could do anything they wanted to you. Steal your land, throw you in a dungeon, have you murdered. Americans invented a better system—no Kings— and elect a Congress to make laws to protect people’s lives and property.

It worked because the government’s power was LIMITED. 246 years later, your government DOES NOT WANT ITS POWER LIMITED.

Like the Kings of old, it does what it wants:

“Take a shot–or lose your job.

“Stop complaining and cheer the transgender ‘girl’ competing against your daughter, while that biological male mocks your daughter’s hard work and sacrifice.”

“You parents had better be quiet and get out of OUR School Board Meeting right now…or we might just brand you as Domestic Terrorists.  We’ve got the FBI and the US Attorney General on speed dial, you know!”

“Get used to being poorer. Get used to sweating in summer and shivering in winter, because GREEN ENERGY MUST HAPPEN NOW, no matter what the cost to low-income people. It’s for your own good!”

“Don’t say anything politically incorrect or we’ll sic our 87,000 new IRS agents on you. Have fun being audited!”  

“We are SMARTER than you, and we are BETTER than you.  So shut up, and do what we say.”  (Thomas Sowell, The Vision of the Anointed

My name is Courtney Geels. I am NOT ANOINTED, smarter than you, or morally superior to you. I’m just a nurse who wants to serve you and your neighbors—of all parties and races—to be YOUR representative in Congress.  To represent you with humility and with common sense. 

For truth, justice, and unity,

Courtney Geels