Individual Rights



I will fight to protect the rights of our citizens against the overreach of power from our federal government. We must protect our Individual and State rights against tyrannical politicians.

I hold deeply to the truth that all people are created equal from the womb to the tomb. Each individual has equal worth, deserves equal rights and can expect to be represented equally. 

I adamantly oppose federal government mandates. Two recent decisions by the Biden Administration are as follows:

  • Any business (hospitals and government contractors) that receives federal funds must mandate the COVID vaccine for employees. The federal government needs checks on power. This overreach of the federal government is illogical and against SCIENCE. Science has proven that those who are vaccinated are still getting COVID. Science has also proven that there are people who have had lethal and significant adverse reactions to this drug. There is NO evidence that supports force vaccination. We have allowed the federal government to dictate our medical rights with our doctors. Doctors are afraid to speak out in fear of losing their jobs and licenses. We need to promote autonomy with physicians to be able to treat their patients as they recommend. The government is destroying healthcare. I want to restore people’s trust in the healthcare field.
  • Any business (ie. public schools) who receives federal government funding for free food (ie. school lunches) is now required to implement transgender bathroom policies. I do not tolerate bullying of any kind. I also support young women who are going through a lot of changes in their bodies that already feel uncomfortable in public bathrooms. We must protect our children, especially young women. For the federal government to threaten to take away free lunches from poor children to implement a policy that is dramatically unpopular is misuse of public funds and should not be tolerated.

I stand with North Carolinians to maintain their freedom and power to decide what is best for them. I will fight to reduce the power that Bureaucrats in Washington are imposing on North Carolinians.

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