Individuals have the freedom to choose if they are going to take the vaccine without a threat to their job. Federal vaccine mandates are restricting freedoms and causing healthcare worker shortages. The censorship of medical expert opinions in the public must end. Truth must be sought for all available treatments. There must be transparency regarding vaccine side effects and investigations into cover-ups. Pharmaceutical companies and businesses forcing mandates cannot be free from liability.

Nursing Experience

As a registered nurse, every day I see the challenges faced by patients, their families, their providers, and the health organizations.

Having traveled to Africa and other locations on medical missions through the Church to help those lacking care, I know that North Carolinians have more access and greater quality of care than in some parts of the world.


But that doesn’t mean we should compromise on health care for ourselves and our loved ones, particularly for children and the elderly. I believe that need to reduce federal control over healthcare and return greater power to the states so they can address local priorities and needs.

I support tax deductions for all non-reimbursable health care costs and reforms that give individuals, not the government, more power to make our healthcare decisions, like vaccine mandates. I will advocate for all Americans to have health insurance, while reforming Medicaid to include work requirements for qualification.


It is undeniable that we have a mental health crisis in this country. There were already psychosocial needs prior to COVID, and from the isolation of the pandemic to the social awkwardness of masking and vaccination status, the separation of friends and families has taken a toll on all Americans.

Some pediatricians have reported a significantly greater concern in the suicidal rate in children compared to the risk of COVID for children. We know that even before the pandemic, ER's were full of psychiatric patients with no mental health facilities to send them.

As many psychiatric patients are uninsured, mental health facilities are under too much strain to have the funding to comply with all the current regulations on them. I support funding for building and staffing more mental health facilities and decreasing the regulations necessary to keep these facilities open.

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