Reforming Healthcare

Take A Moment to Listen to my message about Fixing Our Healthcare System. I am fighting for a better healthcare system as well as for Truth, Justice and Unity.

My name is Courtney Geels and I have been nursing at the bedside for about 10 years, mostly in the Emergency Room. One thing I’ve learned over the years is that our medical system is broken. I can no longer effectively advocate for patients in the clinical setting as hospital administrations are making decisions that prioritize profits over quality. 

These decisions are dictated by Medicaid and Medicare because the federal government pays around 70% of hospital revenue. Politicians in Washington decide regulations and reimbursement. So when you sit down with your doctor, it’s really a discussion between you, your doctor, and the federal government. That is not okay.

Politicians do not have the knowledge and experience to both decrease healthcare costs while not compromising quality and innovation. We need courageous voices to stand up for our freedom against government overreach and a broken bureaucracy.

If you want mandates, broken promises, and worn-out policies send a politician. But if you want to heal our nation and get things done in Washington, send a NURSE.