Everyday Americans are struggling paying double for food and gas. We cannot continue on this path. Prices MUST come down. The economic crisis we are in is unsustainable for lower income people.

I want to be an advocate for the working class. I am from the working class. As a travel nurse, I know how paying twice the price for gas has an effect on people’s budget.

We have career politicians in Washington who are so detached from everyday life. They are not the ones affected by their out of control spending. I will be wise with taxpayer money and make sure that Congress is overseeing expenditures to make sure that the people we say we are helping are receiving the funds that are being spent. I will put Americans first in the budget. I will fight to actually have a balanced budget that works to decrease the federal debt and stops inflation.

The current administration just passed the “Inflation Reduction Act.” As noted all over my platform, I will base decisions on TRUTH. This act was the opposite of what it is named. It is a federal spend of 580 billion dollars. $480 billion of this money was SPENT on the Green New Deal and IRS agents. The current administration is marketing it as decreasing healthcare costs. Even if they subsidize some costs temporarily, they are devaluing the dollar more which will actually drive up costs long-term.

We need to think about acute and chronic (short and long term) effects on Americans. This short-sighted bill does not incentivize the market to go toward green energy. It forces the market while driving up inflation. We need to incentivize clean energy with tax deductions and decreased regulation on manufacturing to promote business in America. We need to prioritize the now and the later. Our current administration wants Americans to be dependent on the Government, when our Government should be dependent on THE PEOPLE.

I will prioritize energy independence. We have national security issues with the amount of dependence we have outside of our borders. We have not cut carbon based energy; we are now just purchasing it from Russia and the middle east. We manufacture 90% of our pharmaceuticals in China. If international relations go south, we could have a crisis of not having necessary pharmaceuticals like blood pressure and diabetes medications.

It is the federal government's job to keep Americans safe and secure. America is fragile right now, and we need to prioritize strength in our economy and international relations.

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