Our Nation Needs Healing

Why send a nurse to Washington?

My name is Courtney Geels, and I am a nurse running for congress because our nation needs healing. The media is distorting the truth and dividing our people. Establishment politicians have given up the fight for America, our values, and our constitution. 

The working class needs representation.

We need courageous voices to stand up for our freedom against government overreach and a broken bureaucracy. We can’t continue to make decisions based on manipulated slogans. The working class needs someone who understands them and wants to work FOR them. I am that working class. I want to advocate for those who can’t advocate for themselves, just like I do for my patients in the hospital. 

If you want mandates, broken promises, and worn-out policies, send a politician: but if you want to heal our nation and get things done in Washington, send a nurse.

For truth, justice, and unity,

Courtney Geels