Tim Hart Act

Congressional Candidate Courtney Geels Announces Support for Tim Hart Act. This Proposed law would give needed support to those who fight wildfires.


Smokey Bear has told us that many times. But what happens when we DON’T prevent forest fires? 

When lightning strikes, broken power lines or careless hikers ignite a fire in wilderness areas? Wildland Firefighters risk their lives to save forests, homes, lives and communities across the country. NC 4 congressional candidate Courtney Geels says that the Tim Hart Wildland Firefighter Pay and Parity Act aims to support those firefighters in much needed ways. Better known as the Tim Hart Act, this bill would recognize those who fight our country‚Äôs forest fires as Wildland Firefighters to honor their dangerous, necessary work.  “This act will open many doors for better pay, better housing, healthcare and other compensation not available to these folks today,” Geels said.  “The Interior Department, Bureau of Land Management, US Fish and Wildlife, National Park Service, and the US Forest Service are losing more and more firefighters. Forestry technicians are leaving federal service for state, county, and local agencies to find better wages and benefits. “With retention of these crucial firefighters in severe decline the Tim Hart Act will help maintain a firefighting ability at the federal level.” This is one example of the kind of work members of Congress are supposed to do,” Geels commented. “I intend to make a difference in Congress, not sit back and wait for party leaders to tell me where to go, what to say and how to vote.”