Criminal Justice



I believe we need to reform the laws that make sentencing unfair. I also support Law enforcement and believe we need to protect them.

Equal Justice Under the Law

Equal justice under the law for people of all race, ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation is a Right. The 1994 Crime bill, also known as Three Strikes you’re Out needs to be reformed to address the discriminatory verbiage in it, and the repercussions of the punishments associated with that verbiage. There are prisoners with life in prison for possession of drugs (no violent crime) in this Democrat bill that was signed by Joe Biden and David Price.

Law Enforcement Support

We must fund and support our law enforcement so that they have the ability to enforce the laws and protect the citizens.  We need law enforcement at all levels and should seek solutions in public relations within the communities they protect. I support the Back the Blue Act which increased the penalties for criminals who intentionally target law enforcement officers.

Police officers should be able to enforce the law without concern for consequence related to their job status. We have a huge problem with crime all over the country, but especially in Durham, NC. Some Police officers do not feel they can respond and act on crime around them. I have been told by law enforcement, that when they get the 911 call to go to a scene, they first call their supervisor to ask what to do before even going to the scene. This delay is a problem in an emergency, and it is a terrifying related that crime can go unchecked.

I support our law enforcement at the local, state and federal levels and will seek to find solutions for better public relations with the communities they protect.

The underserved areas of Durham have voiced loudly that they want law enforcement to respond to the urgent violent crime crisis in their neighborhoods. I will support funding to make sure we are able to staff well-trained police officers to meet these needs.

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