Healing Our Nation

Courtney Geels image with quote to Heal Our nation send a nurse.

I am Courtney Geels and I am running for congress because our nation needs healing. The media is distorting truth and dividing our people. Establishment politicians have given up the fight for America, our values, and our constitution.

We need courageous, conservative voices to stand up for our freedom against government overreach and a broken bureaucracy.

If you want mandates, broke promises, and worn-out solutions send a politician: if you want to heal our nation and get things done in Washington, send a nurse.

Courtney Geels

The Primary election is just around the corner and I need your vote. Show up to make your voice heard and to choose the best candidate who wants to represent you and work to heal our nation of the divisions and strife. Mark your calendar for May 17, 2022 to vote in the primary election. Then help me campaign to win the general election on November 8, 2022. This is an important time to make a difference in our state and the nation. Join me in advocating for Truth, Justice, and Unity in America. Vote Courtney Geels for U.S. Congress, District 4 in North Carolina.

I have a list of issues that I believe are of utmost importance to our state and nation. There are many issues that we face and I want to be a part of the solution and bringing healing to our citizens and believe we can work together to find solutions. I will advocate for you when I represent you in congress.

PROTECTING Americans against government mandates and overreach.

PRESERVING parents’ choices in what and where their kids should learn.

PROMOTING free markets, small business, and economic growth for all.

RESTORING our constitutional and religious freedoms to its lawful state.

SUPPORTING our police in the fight against crime to keep our towns safe.

SECURING our borders and the rule of law to address illegal immigration.