Early Voting

Early Voting Schedule Graphic.

Courtney Geels is running for Congress in District 4 in North Carolina. This Primary election has an early voting schedule starting April 28 and ends on May 14th. Orange County offers early voting to all registered Orange County voters who wish to vote early, in-person rather than voting absentee by mail or on Election Day. Election Day for the Primary election is set for May 17th. Election Day Hours are 6:30 a.m. until 7:30 p.m for Orange County. For information about voting in the Primary, you can go to the North Carolina Board of Elections Page. This Page will confirm if you are registered, your voter details, the jurisdiction that you can vote in, a Sample Ballot and your assigned voting location. Marke your calendar and make it a priority to vote in the Primary for Courtney Geels.

Courtney Geels will Represent You

This is an important election and Courtney Geels needs you to get out and vote for her. This primary election may be tight and every vote counts. The issues that Courtney wants to fight to represent you are important issues. Our country needs a strong conservative to represent constituents, not special interest groups. With the National Security Concerns, and Inflation, we need Courtney to fight for the citizens of the United States and North Carolinians specifically. You can read more about what Courtney believes on the Issues Page. Although Issues are changing daily, these bullet points will give you an over view of the key issues worth fighting for.

Individual Rights

I will fight to protect the rights of our citizens against the overreach of power from our federal and state government.


I believe we must protect Parent’s Rights. Parents should have the right to choose a better school for their children.


I will fight for rights. The vaccine mandates restrict our freedoms and caused medical staff shortages.

Safety & Security

From the U.S. borders to North Carolina’s streets, we must ensure that our families and communities are safe.

Right To Life

I believe in the sanctity of life. I will work to put an end to the abortion industry and defund Planned Parenthood.

Election Integrity

Election integrity is best handled at a state level. Election Reform will improve election integrity and must be dealt with.

Gun Rights

I will preserve our constitutional right to bear arms. The constitution says the right to bear arms shall not be infringed upon.

Criminal Justice

We need to reform the laws that make sentencing unfair. We need to protect our Law Enforcement.