Courtney Geels With Seth Keshel On America First

Courtney Geels on Captain America Show.

Courtney’s Interview

Captains K and T welcome Adina Safta and Courtney Geels to the show, discussing the America First agenda and how it applies to their campaigns in North Carolina. You can watch Courtney Geels interview by Seth Keshel on Rumble.

Courtney Geels with Seth Keshel.

Courtney Talks About Issues

They discuss their positions on Issues in the U.S. and explain why we need America First true conservative candidates. Courtney Geels is running in North Carolina for U.S. Congressional seat for District 4. District 4 is a new district. Courtney explains that she is a conservative nurse who will advocate for the people she will represent. Her experience as a nurse, gave her insight. She noticed that the hospitals have been more focused on profits over patient care. She sees this same trend in our country in that Politicians are more concerned about money in their pockets than for individual freedoms.

Courtney talks about truth, and lack of censorship so we can have true justice in our country. Then we can experience unity. She wants to fight for justice in our schools so that children are not indoctrinated with CRT and pushing their Gender identity doctrine. She discusses measures to remediate election policies and to insure election integrity with local control of elections. They discussed North Carolina elections and issues we face regarding election integrity. They discuss many issues and policies that Courtney supports. Listen in to this great interview.